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Plum Island Sustainability

It is no secret that with the current global warming situation, there is need to save and preserve the environment so that little to no harm can come to the already damaged environment.

Conserving nature comes with its perks. The first one is that we get to protect our source of food and water. From nature, comes the plants and animals that we convert to our daily meals as well as the water utilised for varied uses at home and in the industrial setup. Taking care of the environment ensures sustainability of this vital element of survival.

This also helps to reduce the negative effects of pollution from waste materials that has attributed to global warming thus helping to regulate seasons and weather patterns.
There are so many ways that this can be accomplished. Conservation efforts and organisations have been put in place to carry out this mandate.

This has also been the drive behind the sustainable development goals in which some touch on environmental protection and preservation.

There are subdivisions when it comes to places where these practices are to be enforced. One of them is beach and island preservation. It is for this reason that the plum beach foundation was created.

They endure that the island is well taken care of so that you can continue enjoying the beautiful serene aesthetic nature of the island. With this, the island will continue to thrive while accomodating tourism and a habitat for the people in the area. Without it, the strain put on it by pollution and growing population numbers will impact negative effects on the island and finally resulting in deterioration of this beautiful destination.

Some of the problems that are being addressed by the good leadership set in place are; jetties, erosion, sand management problems, groins, as well as availability of clean water for consumption. This has been made possible by combined efforts from the foundation, the stakeholders as well, working together with the citizens of the area.

One of the benefits that arises from this is that you get to enjoy the soothing and calming effects of the beach that leaves you feeling nourished and replenished by nature.
The foundation has set some goals for this year that seeks to address current problems that are ravaging the island.

Plum island is well known for its beach plums that grow along the dunes which are popular among the citizens and tourists especially during the summer. As you stroll or enjoy the view of the ocean, you can relax and enjoy some plums.

Despite it being a small island of only 11 miles, it has quite a number of tourist destinations and sites for recreational activities such as the island’s lighthouse, birdwatching is also possible as it sits along a major migratory route for birds with some being endangered species, luxurious hotels overlooking the beach are also spots to check out during your stay, nature trails and not forgetting the wildlife reserve where you get to see varied wild animals of the island.

Seeing the infinite benefits of the island, it stands to reason why conservation efforts are important and why the foundation plays a major role in Plum Island Sustainability.

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